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How to identify expert content writers?

There is a desperate need for content writers for all kinds of platforms in today’s digitally dominated world, be it a website, webinar, e-book, blog, or digital newsletters. This also tells us that the competition of getting more audience is tighter than ever, which is why it is of utmost importance to hire excellent writers who produce high-quality content.

Here are some tips for finding expert content writers:

  • Demand for sample articles before hiring

Yes, a well-written resume can be impressive, but it is not a reliable judging criterion while hiring content writers. The only way to know their writing quality is by seeking multiple samples that will allow you to get a deeper understanding of their overall writing technique. Read them carefully from an audience’s point of view and ask yourself whether you would like to engage with such content as a reader or not. 

  • Look for research proficiency

Writers are not expected to know everything about their topics; they are just well-versed with writing down any piece of content in a creative and easy-to-read manner. But to do so, they should be able to conduct full-fledged research before writing any piece of content, especially if the topic is less known. Creative writing and research are two sides of the same coin for any expert writer, so make sure that you look for both qualities while hiring. 

  • Ability to proofread and edit

A content writer’s job does not get over by just researching and writing down content accordingly. Every piece of content that goes up on the Internet needs to be proofread and edited before publishing it. Look for writers who can fact-check the content, identify and edit grammatical and language errors, and write politically correct content. All these features can make up for an expert writer, deliver high-quality content.

  • Look for honest writers

Considering the fact that there are countless websites delivering content on similar topics based on what is trending and searched for, it is crucial to publish unique and honest content. Lazy or dishonest writers may try to find short-cuts by simply copy-pasting material from various blogs. This can severely hamper your company’s reputation as search bots are usually planted to check for plagiarism. Therefore, look for honest writers, producing unique content.

  • Ability to maintain deadlines

Expert writers can be differentiated from others by considering their ability to manage time and meet deadlines regularly. However, in the course of submitting content on time, its quality, accuracy, and integrity should not be compromised. When writers can perform all these things efficiently, you or your clients will establish a consistent and trustworthy relationship with the audience. Therefore, always look for time management skills when you look for expert content writers

  • Approach an agency

Finding writers with all the qualities mentioned above and abilities on your own is quite a challenging task. Therefore, approaching an agency can prove to help find top quality writers based on your requirement. You can put forth elaborate criteria based on location, experience, skills, and qualifications you need in your content writers. An agency will prove to be an excellent aid in filtering selective expert writers from a larger lot. 

    To conclude, the digital world is full of written content, and to make your content stand out, you need to have a team of expert writers. Finding them is a bit of a challenge, but by keeping the points mentioned above in mind, you will definitely be able to get a hold of excellent writers capable of growing your audience. 


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